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spacer“Start living the life you want” with Waypoint cabinetry! Waypoint cabinets have been featured on Lifetime’s Designing Spaces, and their product line is consistently updated to include new finishes, designs, and options. Frosted glass panel inserts, flush-mount modern styled doors are especially popular right now.

spacerWhether it is called a galley or a corridor, kitchens with two parallel rows of cabinetry are considered highly efficient. That’s because their configuration makes them a natural for a perfect work triangle.

spacerAppliances are easily arranged to offset  each other in the room.
Usually from seven and a half to nine feet in width, galley kitchens are historically small and have a traffic pattern that goes right through the middle. There is often an exterior door at one end and the other end leads to the rest of the house.

spacerPerfect work triangle or not, whenever traffic interferes with the work area, it makes a difficult place to function. And because these kitchens are small, they are hardly the place for a crowd to hang out. Still, many homes in America have this type of kitchen.

spacerThe question is, what can you do with a galley kitchen? Changing the configuration of a galley kitchen without building an addition is a real challenge. Taking out a wall to open the space to another room can be a tough decision too. By removing a wall, all the storage provided by the wall cabinets is lost and since these are typically small rooms, it is almost impossible to make up that lost space. The best bet for a galley kitchen is to maximize what you have:

  • Take wall cabinets up to the ceiling if you can. Even if you have to use a step stool to reach items on the upper shelves, at least the space is there for seldom used items.
  • Consider using a range rather than a separate cooktop and wall oven and you will save on valuable counter space.
  • Fill cabinets with interior organizing accessories so that every inch is used to the fullest.
  • Make the space as beautiful as possible: it’s all in the choice of cabinets, hardware and surface finishes.  The good news is that because the space is usually small, upscale choices are more affordable.

Shiloh Cabinets

Shiloh Cabinetry
spacerShiloh produces all-wood kitchen and bath cabinetry with the customer in mind.  Our cabinetry is designed for the kitchen or bath, entertainment room, or any other area in the home where cabinets are needed.  This website details our quality cabinet construction methods and Shiloh's complete array of finish colors - over 250 and growing.

  spacerWe offer custom options and numerous accessories, without the custom price tag. 
We encourage you to compare our construction, finish selection and options to other cabinet companies.  Just visit one of our dealer showrooms and experience why Shiloh Cabinetry is "Elegance in Wood."

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